Different types of Adult Work

There are many different niches you can delve into in the world of adult jobs. Depending on what it is that you desire on doing. You are sure to find a well paying career within one of the niches. 

Web cams: 

If you have a good figure and a flirty personality and like to get a little naughty now and again, without needing to physically be with someone. Web cam would be an excellent adult niche to be in. Plus, you can look for clients in other, same language speaking, countries and not need to even speak with people anywhere near you. Adding to the discretion this line of work can give to you. But, still giving you an excellent income! You can either do this by yourself, or sign up to a website, which offers cam girls. 


The escort niche is the most well know out of the different types of adult niches to work in. Some are non-sexual escorts and others aren’t. However, offering sexual services to clients is where the money is. This means you physically meeting with men and acting as their girlfriend for the agreed amount of time the booking will take place for. You can also do this, by becoming an independent or working for an agency. However, agencies offer more safety and you do not need to answer your own phone or do your own advertising. 

Porn stars: 

Porn stars are, of course, equally as well known. With this being the most popular of the adult niches to work in for both men and women. You can either become a professional porn star or do amateur videos and upload them to websites like porn hub and get paid for doing so. You will be contact by professional agencies if you are good enough for sure. 

Sugar Daddy: 

Sugar daddies seem to be increasing in popularity also, especially in regard to younger women. This is where younger ladies look for a much older man. In turn for sex and being their girlfriend, they will give them an allowance, pay their bills and everything else. Of course, you agree the terms with your sugar daddy before agreeing to be with them and if they break that agreement, or you do, the other party can terminate the contract.