Different types of Adult Work

There are many different niches you can delve into in the world of adult jobs. Depending on what it is that you desire on doing. You are sure to find a well paying career within one of the niches. 

Web cams: 

If you have a good figure and a flirty personality and like to get a little naughty now and again, without needing to physically be with someone. Web cam would be an excellent adult niche to be in. Plus, you can look for clients in other, same language speaking, countries and not need to even speak with people anywhere near you. Adding to the discretion this line of work can give to you. But, still giving you an excellent income! You can either do this by yourself, or sign up to a website, which offers cam girls. 


The escort niche is the most well know out of the different types of adult niches to work in. Some are non-sexual escorts and others aren’t. However, offering sexual services to clients is where the money is. This means you physically meeting with men and acting as their girlfriend for the agreed amount of time the booking will take place for. You can also do this, by becoming an independent or working for an agency. However, agencies offer more safety and you do not need to answer your own phone or do your own advertising. 

Porn stars: 

Porn stars are, of course, equally as well known. With this being the most popular of the adult niches to work in for both men and women. You can either become a professional porn star or do amateur videos and upload them to websites like porn hub and get paid for doing so. You will be contact by professional agencies if you are good enough for sure. 

Sugar Daddy: 

Sugar daddies seem to be increasing in popularity also, especially in regard to younger women. This is where younger ladies look for a much older man. In turn for sex and being their girlfriend, they will give them an allowance, pay their bills and everything else. Of course, you agree the terms with your sugar daddy before agreeing to be with them and if they break that agreement, or you do, the other party can terminate the contract. 

Birmingham escort work

Apply online for one of our escort jobs in Birmingham city. We offer a hassle free way to work, where everything is sorted for you, from clients to advertising. All you need to do is turn up to work, make your money and go home at the end of your shift and enjoy your evening. It really is that easy when you apply for our Birmingham escort jobs. Work has never been so enjoyable! 

If you wish to proceed to the next steps. All you need to do is fill out the information within the form below – Do not forget to attach a few recent photographs of yourself either! From there, we will arrange a suitable time to contact you and go through everything in detail with you and explain how we work and what to expect in full. 

When grabbing yourself one of our applications for escort work in Birmingham, you can be certain that consistent and regular work, is always guaranteed. As you would expect when you are working with the biggest escort agency in Birmingham, and the West Midlands. Whenever you are doing adult work in Birmingham with us, you can be sure that you are going to be busy. We have a world class client base of clients who are regulars of our agency, who will be extremely eager to meet with you.  

Each day you work is sure to be enjoyable. If you are the kind of girl who loves to socialise and meet new people. You will certainly enjoy working as an escort, with us. 

Not only will you be busy. But you will be earning more than you would working anywhere else, be it another agency or otherwise. You will also be earning more than anyone else you know. Allowing you to live the life you have always wanted. Those new Gucci shoes suddenly don’t break the bank, and neither will that luxury holiday you have always wanted to go on! Taking so much pressure from you financially in every regard and giving you spare money to spend on whatever you desire. You are certain to start climbing up the ladder in society, in no time at all! 

However, when applying for escort work in Birmingham, you also get to choose the days and hours you work. So, fitting your work around your personal life can now be a reality for you. You do not have to sacrifice your life, for your job. Instead, you enhance your life to the fullest extent when becoming an escort. You can work as little or as much as you would like. Changing the hours and days you work each week, is also more than possible. 

So, if you are eighteen years of age, or older, and feel that you are open minded, fun and easy going. While looking for a little extra excitement within adult jobs, while gaining an exceptional income on top of it all, that won’t leave you stuck working each day of the week. You really do need to start work with us. The right attitude is important, of course, to be in this line of work. You need to know how to be polite, professional, discreet and how to make conversation and make someone feel good. On the other hand, our high class of clientele means you will be treated like an absolute princess and are sure to love every second of it. 

We really do mean it when we say, that you come to work as an escort in Birmingham and will enjoy doing so. No fuss, no stress, we take care of everything for you. We of course, even answer the phone for you. Ensuring that bookings can be made for you, even when you are busy with a client, or as a pre-booking for you, so you already have bookings in before you get to work on that day.